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Welcome to Chandpur Alia Academy!

Academy’s  main Aim
Since the establishment of Chandpur N.S Welfare Foundation in the year 2005 ,educational cultural ,hygienic and social work has been performing  in various parts of North 24 Pgs district including Deganga Block from outside publicity .This foundation already has done some welfare work for the nation and society and it has accepted various agenda to realities . For this the establishment of Chandpur Alia Academy is one of the adjustment institution .It has formed chandpur alia academy management council to manage Academy in proper way . 
The academy started its construction in 2014  and since 2015 class V-IX and in 2016  till class X has been continuing . The ongoing efforts of the chandpur alia academy to develop a community life as a mobilizers .It is impossible to develop a nation without education tha education must be value –oriented and professional .So chandpur alia academy has established with the help of some high educated ,social reformers and education lover and perfect minded man. Through the evaluation of educational health and culture values , this institution has started its path to support and constructive advice.
We think, today’s baby will turn to  future perfect citizen. An experienced and responsible teacher and a social activist , is working diligently to built the student of educational institutions in the pure ,serene and pleasant environment of their education . In fact , the educational dreams of it its soldiers will implement the goal of the chandpur alia academy in the community life.

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Secretary Message

Dear Friend,
Chandpur Alia Academy ranked fifth by the help of the merciful Allah and the love of man . We are common people but are very responsible to the society .From that reason we aim to make every child a citizen of the country and a man of ideals and values . In order to achieve that aim ,students of the tenth grade who have mastered the education of the class 12th in the past ,have been trained to do the same for the next 2019 academic year .A trust board has been set up to oversee the trust registration exercise for the management of this educational institution.
Countless educational institutions are  around in this days. Govt  amenities are not low benefits. But all are certificate based. In Rabindranath’s dictum –“shiksha ke kebal bohon koriai cholilum,bahon korite parilam na.”  So without waiting should like to give the students a quality education that carries education that the Alia Academic students will place in the first row of the modern education.
The lack of proper education in the world today . Through the ideals and values in modern academics are becoming self –centered instead of being editors of society .We have therefore attached importance to standard and proper education  with common education from the beginning. Besides basic knowledge of islam and the learning the holy Quran, five times  prayers have been arranged with  Jamaat , because with modern education if religious knowledge and religion are involved ,it is possible to make the true educated standard a good citizen.
So every children have to show the dream of confidence to be the key to success . We are working hard to have the pleasure of Allah only. To make an ideal child if we able to give that kind of education which absorb his mind permanently since childhood ,and this education beget human value. So we have established our dreamland institute” Chandpur Alia Academy” to combined our present life with overall education. To give education we take care the student all time. We are liable to the guardian to ensure our nation, country and future generation within proper guide by our new born children. There is no way for the education. It is our main purpose to establish real situation instead of dream and this great struggle of our institution where all of you will have to behalf patience and careful as well as our office staff . To give a proper way to success this mission there are advisers, education lover, social worker and management committee including experience teacher and educational workers on behalf ourselves. We have been working with love and care to be built up respectful and an ideal citizen for every child .
Curriculum and extra curricular activities as well as religious education are also essential for the student. Because it would need to moral and ideal concept to be a perfect man . So we always care to this . We believe Chandpur Alia Academy  will smooth its path very soon, if you have full co-operation with us. The help of great creator Allah and your love and our relentless efforts would give the confident to get success .The institution will change to a national institution for the nation very soon ,In-sha-Allah.