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Academic Details

Academic Details

Academic Issues  


This will be followed by the syllabus of West Bengal Board Of Secondary Education and West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Commission. Though the medium of study is Bengali , it will be given special emphasis on teaching English. In addition to English text, there will be a spoken English course for students to in English .

Test System:

Education divided into three terms. Students should be given monthly unit test in every month . The result of the term test is combination number of class test and term test. The teachers will also take the test on their own subjects every two weeks . Each test will be performed with serious. A Board Registration will be decided by the immigrant in the students intermediate registration .

Progress Paper:

At the end of each test the result of the term will be put on the notice board ,as a result students will know each others positions, which will create a healthy competition among the students .The progress paper will be sent to the parents in every terminal. After signing parents, the progress paper must be submitted to the academy again . The full progress paper will be given to the student at the end of the annual examination .

Academic Apparel:

It must need and clean dress to the student to make them perfect clean physically and mentally and overall. In that goal the academy mandated for students with specific uniform.

Students Disciplines:

Every step of the academy will have the best practices and all students and parents are aware of the rules. The students and parents of the academy will have the written and coventional rules to be maintain. If a student or parent is working beyond any rules , he will be alert and the student may be expelled if he is not revised in the next case.

Holiday Related:

In Government rules ,the annual holiday is 60.But the academy would provide for a total of 75 holidays. The long vacation will be summer, Id-ul-Fitar, Id-UL-Azha  and the end of the academic year.

  • The parents are must be applied in writing to the students diary for holidays.
  • The students would be given holiday by the parents or well known person who have a visiting card .
  • Students must be present in the class room without physically illness or unavoidable reasons.
  • The students should be given holiday in the case of serious accident, sister marriage or a close relatives illness.
  • Non regular attendance in the absence of approval , the parents will be notified at the beginning of the late academy, and if not amended the relevant interest may be expelled from the institution.
  • All payments to be paid in mission arrears prior to the specified holiday.

Medical Report:

Every student must be submit medical report at the time of the admission period. Be aware of any particular illness or physical problem. The parents would report any physically problem if they have, including blood group.

Withdrawal and Exclusion :

  • At the end of the academic year ,the student will be given a transfer certificate after depositing all the arrears.
  • In case of a withdrawal in the education year , the arrears will be given by paying a monthly fee.
  •   If any student have any misbehave, financial doctrine , unpaid academic fees and disobedience of rule ,the student may be suspended

Academy Fees

  • The Academy fee is provided with a tabular prospectus.
  • Admission fees and session charges will be paid at the time of admission.
  • Fees of each month must be deposited between the 2ND week of those months.
  • No refund fees will be paid after deposit of admission .
  • Re-admission fees to be deposited at the start of academic session in every year.
  • All the fees will be paid from January to December .
  • Book ,school bag,   id card, visitor card ,uniform ,shoe ,etc will be given from the office by the students.

Co-curricular activities:

The activities of various accessories associated with the study will be emphasized as co textual activities .In the aim of physical and mental growth for the students, we are given various types of indoor games and rich library .There will be educational tour ,picnic are arranged for the students.

Exterior text program   :

In order to gain confidence and to prove their better qualification in various field, the students are subjected to various unreadable programs .Different cultural events are also done here, such as Republic day, Independence day, teachers day and so on are celebrated. In this program, there will be a discussion on the issue of immediate speech and debate. The wall magazine are also published in several times.

Admission Rules of the students:

  • The student will be apply for admission to the application form.
  • The student will be given 50 Rs for the form ,including prospectus.
  • The student will be selected to the written and the oral exam.
  • The admission form will be given in different district of West Bengal with a memorable post.
  • The admission test will be taken in various district of west bengal .It has a table given in the prospectus.

Poor and meritorious student’s admission rules:

  • There will be a saving of some seats for the poor or orphan in every year who are subjected to the Editor.
  • The highest accuracy and integrity to be identified during the admission application. If  anyone proves the false evidence then he/she must bear full costs of money.