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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy


You understand that chandpur alia academy provides various Student admission with collection of admission fees with respect to the System. While some of these facilities are provided for free, there are certain services for which costs will be incurred by you, if you decide to avail of such services (“paid services”). In that case, chandpur alia academy may provide billing services on behalf of the admission, session fees, rent for Bed, lab fees . Should you wish to avail of those paid services, you acknowledge that chandpur alia academy will collect the payment for such paid services and on behalf of the school authority  or school clerk . You acknowledge and confirm that chandpur alia academy shall  be liable for studies to the institute on account of such collection of the payments or for provision of such paid services, for any reason what so ever


The website allows you to select any course and complete the admission process through registered with the website and to whom certain specific terms Chandpur Alia academy. While choosing your Course on the website, you understand and accept that:

You are ultimately responsible for choosing your own Course/Class and chandpur alia academy shall not be held responsible or liable for the selection of such Course/Class .

Chandpur Alia academy will provide you with lists and details procedure previews of school and admission procedure who may be suitable to provide the Taching that you are seeking based on information that you provide to Chandpur Alia academy (such as course stream  and details procedure). For certain courses, Chandpur Alia academy may provide you better studies on your behalf based on academic class which you chose on admission time.

Please note that Chandpur Alia academy

Does not recommend or endorse any Course/class mentioned on the website.

Does not make any representations or warranties with respect to these Course/class or the quality of the School teaching services they may provide. Chandpur Alia academy shall  be liable for all student good care with professional teaching facilities


Please note that some of the content, text, data, graphics, images, information, suggestions, guidance, and other material (collectively, “Information”) that may be available on the website (including information provided in direct response to your questions or postings) may be provided by individuals in the Teaching profession. The provision of such Information does not create a personal relationship, between Chandpur Alia academy and you and does not constitute an opinion, Education advice, or Private Tuitions of any particular condition, but is only provided to assist you with locating appropriate Teaching guide from a Good reference book.


The interpretation of this agreement and the resolution of any disputes arising under these terms of use shall be governed by the laws of India.


In case of cancellation or non-confirmation of the admission by Chandpur Alia academy due to any reasons, three options are available to the consumer:

He/She may provide false document / information in a specific course.

He/She may claim a refund of the advance payment.

The advance payment may be added as credit in the account of the student and be adjusted in due course for future session.

In case the student misses or cancels the appointment to school, he/she shall not be entitled to any refund.

In case the Student/parents’ credit card/debit card/payment account has been accidentally overcharged, please notify Chandpur Alia academy of the same at the earliest. In case of over-charging, the student/parents has the following options: He may claim a refund of the outstanding amount. In such a scenario, Chandpur Alia academy shall make all endeavours to refund the amount within 7-14 working days. The outstanding amount may also be credited to the account of the consumer

The refund shall be made by e-banking or by demand draft or by another such mode other than cash, depending upon the suitability of both, Chandpur Alia academy and the consumer.

For claiming a refund, the consumer should necessarily have the valid invoice of the investigations, so as to be able to get the refund.