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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

1.     Every student should maintain time schedule and it must perform Namaj with Jamat and after Fajar namaj students should read Quran everyday.

2.     No student can go outside the campus without permission.

3.     It must to attend guardian at  the begin of holiday and it must to attend  each student in

        Academy  at the end of holidays .

4.    It should report to office to open the academy after holydays including guardian. Otherwise it should give proper reason to attend the academy including guardian.

5.    It will provide Rs. 50/ day if any student could not attend after holydays without any cause.

6.    it should acknowledge to academy’s office if the guardian change their address as soon as possible.  It must to give guardian own phone number or local phone number to academy.

7.    It will permit to meet students with their guardian who have visiting card only Sunday or any holyday . It should not entire the guardian to academy without identity .

8.    Hostel charge of every month and other dues must payment within 15th day of that month.

9.    It must not telephone call during class and coaching time without any cause. Guardian should phone call proper helpline of academy during 8 AM – 10 AM and 9 PM – 10 PM.

10.  It must each student to wear mission uniform .

11. No students can use mobile phone, video game or that type of electronics gadgets with them. If found it will be band and not provided them.

12.  Guardian should call office number  of academy . They should not call in any teachers mobile.

13. If any complain about teachers or any staff they should provide to Secretary in written, guardian cannot explain against any teacher directly.